House of Consultants is one of the leading geotechnical engineering firms in the UK – the projects are located in selected locations throughout the country, including London. We also take overseas projects.

Our strengths are core engineering knowledge and broad perspective, incorporating both geotechnical and geo-environmental expertise. A deep understanding of ground and contaminant behaviour ensures to provide effective advice on complex site conditions.

All projects are carried out by a highly qualified and experienced engineering team. Careful investigations are carried out with complete monitoring and validation from Phase I to Phase II, in accordance with current industry best practices.

Our value-engineered solutions optimise projects on difficult sites, often turning marginally viable developments into profitable ventures.

As geotechnical consultants, our extensive knowledge and proficiency in ground improvement work allow us to provide cost-effective solutions for soft and problematic grounds, which ensures quality and assurance on work provided.


Phase I – Involves desk study into the historical data of the geotechnical and geo-environmental aspects of a project site.

Phase II – Comprises and an Initial in-person assessment of the site from a geotechnical and environmental perspective.

Following steps are executed for ground excavation
  • Drill trial pits
  • Drill exploratory boreholes
  • Carry out soil and rock sampling
  • We offer an extensive range of site testing and monitoring services to complete ground investigation to ensure safe work.

    We offer comprehensive geotechnical and construction materials laboratory testing services as part of integrated ground investigations. We provide compressibility data to create a reliable foundation design. This is a key requirement for projects within the construction industry and ensures a project is based on a firm foundation.

    Our consultancy services take a fully integrated approach to the understanding of ground conditions for all projects. Our practical site experience and an understanding of current construction methods give us the edge in our geotechnical consultancy services.

    HOC offers a wide variety of solutions for retaining structures, both temporary and permanent construction, ranging from earth reinforcement, gabions, tie back anchors, struts, sheet piles, secant piles to other related structures.

    With our great facility for ground improvement techniques, we provide cost-effective solutions for soft and problematic grounds, ensuring excellent project build quality.

    HOC provides analytical assessments for all material types. Using specialised software and the industry’s best practice methodology, we deliver a comprehensive quantifiable risk assessment.

    To optimise slope angles and increase areas, which are suitable for development, slope stability assessments are essential for contractors during the formation and engineering of slopes, such as cuttings and embankments. During assessments, knowledge of soil behaviour is combined and discussed with experts to have analytical approaches, which are necessary to ensure safety with cost-efficiency.

    Our design services ensure that constructability and cost are carefully scrutinised, and innovative options are sought out. Our calculations are created using the very latest design software combined with a common sense-first approach.

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